CES 2013 in Photos

January 16, 2013

CES 2013 was a massive event filled with even bigger TV’s than last year, gadget start-ups, home automation, and smartphone integration. Some of the products were ridiculously expensive, while others we might be seeing hit the market in the months to come. Check out some photos from CES below.

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CES 2013

Samsung’s Transparent TV gives you an incredible display quality. This technology would be great in museums to create exciting, interactive displays.

Sharp showed off an updated version of the 8K TV prototype it unveiled last year.

Water-based technology

Displair, a Russian Company, showcased a water-based monitor that projects an image over fog. It responds to hand movements via an infrared camera and is really speedy. It allows you to play games and is compatible with Android and Windows-7 based computers. This was really cool to watch. The product is geared toward the corporate world for use in presentations because of its hefty price tag.

Cobra at CES 2013

Cobra’s booth featured the CXT545 walkie talkies that our team designed.

LG Virtual Fitting Room

LG is bringing the dressing room to your own home. It’s an interesting concept where a customer will be able to see themselves wearing different clothes on screen (and make a lot less of a mess in their room!).

Electric Vehicle Stations

If you’re an EV driver you are probably already familiar with ChargePoint, the largest EV charging network in the world. They recently introduced their New Electric Vehicle Charging Station Mobile app that allows users to find information on all EV charging stations installed in the U.S. (and not just those placed by ChargePoint).

3D printer companies had a big showing at CES. MakerBot shows their printing capabilities through low, medium, and high resolution apples that were created using their machines.

3D printer

3DSystems also made some noise at the show with their CubeX printer. The CubeX can print objects in up to three different colors. It also features faster printing, an upgradable system, and more material selections.

Polaroid’s instant printing camera using ZINK® technology.

Acoustic Research's portable Bluetooth speaker featured a range of colors to choose from.

Polaroid featured some colorful portable Bluetooth speakers as well.

Even though Apple wasn’t at the show, iPhone and iPad accessories dominated the show floor.

Audio Products at CES

Natural wood is being incorporated in a lot of electronics.

Audi CES 2013

Out of all the automotive booths, Audi’s was our favorite. We loved the simplicity and openness it provided.

Huawai was one Chinese company who had a big presence at the show. However, their products looked like a knock-off of Apple.

TCL, another Chinese company that had a big presence, incorporates a lot of texture in their products (a computer monitor is shown above).

Sony Booth at CES 2013

Sony’s booth was pretty impressive with all of the TV’s that surrounded it.

Surfpillow Hitech is a shapeable laptop pillow in polyester. The top and bottom of the laptop pillow have anti-slip surface bumps.

And, of course, we had to include photos of a few members of our team at the show!

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