CES 2012 in Photos

January 20, 2012

We took a lot of photos at CES, some of which we have already shared, and even more below. You can also download our highlights from the show in more detail at the end of this post. Enjoy!

The Samsung OLED TV. This was one of our favorites at the show—such vivid color.

LG's 55" OLED TV. The thinnest OLED at CES—only 4mm thick!

Polaroid featured several products at the show. Two of which were their tablets (photo on the left) and Polaroid SC1630, an Android powered smart camera (shown on the right).

Sharp's Home Solar Power System

G-Form, a company in California that develops innovative protective and shock-absorbing products for sports, showcased the Extreme Sleeve (photo on left) which is available for laptops and the iPad 1 or 2. Apparently the material can withstand a beating. They also offered cell phone cases in a number of different colors and styles (photo on the right).

Sharp featured their Aquos Board 80-inch class LED touch-panel. The interactive board allows you to use both a stylus and standard touch controls.

Headphones were everywhere at the show. 50 Cent promotoes SMS Audio's headphones (photo on left) and Ludacris also has his own line of headphones (photo on right).

We liked this packaging for its simplicity.

Contour's hands-free video camera

Samsung's Robotic Vacuum

LG's CES Innovation Award Winners

Beyerdynamic's headphones using different material than most.

We like the look of RCA’s Symphonix rechargeable hearing aid that is geared toward the younger consumer.

LG's booth was very impressive with all of their 3D TV's.

Nikon's Product Concepts

Read more about the highlights from CES 2012 by downloading our recap below.


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