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Catching up with Former Beyond Design intern, Maddy Busch

April 17, 2015

Our third featured intern is Maddy Busch, who had the opportunity to learn from our designers. We asked her some questions about her time here as an intern at Beyond Design.

1. When did you intern?
I interned at Beyond Design the summer of 2009.

2. What was your favorite project that you worked on during your internship at Beyond Design?
A project with Waterpik – I was able to help the team out with initial sketches, building foam models and applying graphics to the final design. Being able to see a project through start to finish was really exciting and helped me learn the skills needed to get through development in a set and short timeline.

3. What was the best part about Beyond Design?
The team. They were very knowledgeable, helpful, and so much fun. Even with the design team’s busy schedule, they still took time with the interns to teach, critique and share their design methods. After my three months there, I felt much more confident in my SolidWorks skills, rendering abilities, and understanding of the design process.

4. What three things did you feel were the best takeaways during your internship?
a. Working within teams.

b. Program knowledge – SolidWorks, sketch renderings and Photoshop Actions!!

c. Time management and working within short deadlines.

5. What are you doing now / how did Beyond Design help you advance in your career, life?
I am the Senior designer at Finell Co, a designer and manufacturer of luxury housewares and handbags. Our products can be purchased at Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodmans, and many Museum design shops around the globe. At Beyond Design, I gained many skills and confidence in my work. I still use and reference many of the tricks and methods that I learned there, especially in SolidWorks. Now that I have interns, I try and pay it forward – spending time to share my skills and experience with them hoping that I can help them as much as the BD team helped me.

We thoroughly enjoy having interns each summer and helping them to improve their skills – in both design and communication. Maddy was no different. She took advantage of her time at our studio to learn everything she could from our designers. We hope that she continues to pursue her career in design and wishes her the best of luck working at Finell Co.

Please check out our blog next Friday to learn about another former intern from Beyond Design.

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