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Catching up with Former Beyond Design Intern, David Bruer

April 27, 2015

Our fourth and final featured intern for our blog is David Bruer, who had the opportunity to learn from our designers, as he came all the way from Sweden to do so. We asked him some questions about his time here as an intern at Beyond Design.

1. When did you intern?
I interned from 2009-2010.

2. What was your favorite project that you worked on during your internship at Beyond Design?
Concept development of refrigerators for LG sticks out because I was involved in all parts of the design process, all the way from sketching rough ideas, to refined sketches, to CAD and building mock-ups in foamcore.

3. What was the best part about Beyond Design?
The best part was that I really felt part of the team, like I was part of the family. They included me in so many parts of the design development process so after my year at Beyond I came back to Sweden as much more well-rounded designer for sure.

4. What three things did you feel were the best takeaways during your internship?
a. I deepened several craft related skills of the design process including concept sketching and prototyping in CAD and foamcore.

b. I got accustomed to work in a fast-paced consultancy environment and learned that you need to prioritize what you spend time on, so deadlines can be met on time.

c. I got better at presenting my ideas to a client and guiding them through the choices we made to arrive at the final concept.

5. What are you doing now / how did Beyond Design help you advance in your career, life?
I’m working as an Interaction Designer at a Service Design consultancy in Stockholm, Sweden called Transformator Design. Looking back, what I gained most from my experience at Beyond Design working with international clients is that it has made me more confident both on a professional and personal level. My year in Chicago was such a great year for me on so many levels. I really got a true sense of the vibrant culture the city and the people has to offer and I made friends for life during my time there.

We thoroughly enjoy having interns during all seasons, helping them to improve their skills – in both design and communication. David was no different. He took advantage of his time at our studio to learn everything he could from our designers. We hope that he continues to pursue her career in design and wishes him the best of luck working at Transformator Design.

Please check out our blog for future updates when we hear from our former interns.

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