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Catching up with Former Beyond Design Intern, Chloe Condon

September 22, 2015

We just heard from Chloe Condon, an intern at Beyond Design, who had the opportunity to learn from our designers, as she came from Purdue University to do so. We asked her some questions about her time here as an intern at Beyond Design.

1. When did you intern?
I interned summer of 2013.

2. What was your favorite project that you worked on during your internship at Beyond Design?
My favorite projects that I worked on while working at Beyond was researching for Weber grill, sketching for Audio Technica, and modeling/rendering wipeout containers for Bed Bath & Beyond.


3. What was the best part about Beyond Design?
The best part about Beyond Design was the people who worked there and the lax environment. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The designers even gave me the option of what projects to work on and asked me what things I wanted to learn.

4. What three things did you feel were the best takeaways during your internship?
I walked away from this internship with knowledge of new programs and products that I was able to apply to my classes in the following school year. I learned how to sketch on the cintiq using Sketchbook Pro and learned how to model in SolidWorks. Both of these programs were not taught at my school yet, so I was ahead of the game!

5. What are you doing now / how did Beyond Design help you advance in your career, life?
I recently got back from studying abroad at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. I am waiting on my grades and graduation to be finalized before entering the workforce. As for the meantime, I am working on my portfolio and figuring out where I want to work. Beyond gave me some great connections and skills that I know I will be able to use for the future.



We thoroughly enjoy having interns during all seasons, helping them to improve their skills – in both design and communication. Chloe was no different. She took advantage of her time at our studio to learn everything she could from our designers. We hope that she continues to pursue her career in design and wishes her the best of luck working wherever the wind takes her.

Please keep checking out our blog to see future interns when we hear from them!

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