Carvey Designed Battleship Game

March 22, 2016

We’re back at it again. Our designers are currently developing and designing products with the Carvey machine from Inventables. Focusing on different products each month in different categories, we have decided to design and create a Battleship board for those to channel their inner kid mentality. Thinking and designing this awesome game board was fun for us because we get to enjoy what we create.


Using a multitude of different materials – such as bamboo plywood, acrylic sheets in a few colors help create and build this real life game from just a machine. It’s a pretty cool sight to see.


This is an awesome opportunity for Beyond Design to balance ideas off of each other and to bring them to life. Thinking, sketching, designing and developing a final product is what we know how to do and we do it well here.


To see more of our projects that we complete for Carvey, check out the link here. They are all downloadable and ready for you to build and use on your own.

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