Cardboard Drones        

Cardboard Drones

February 27, 2017

San Francico based Technology Company Otherlab has been developing their single use aerodynamic cardboard drone to make quick deliveries….and then vanish. Nicknamed Apsara, (short for “Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions”), this drone uses cheaper materials than heavy metals. This cardboard drone can glide in quickly and quietly and leave no trace that it was ever there. The goal is to eventually use these transient drones coupled with similar technology. Otherlab and other tech companies are working to develop the hardware (GPS, electronic wings, etc.) that is just as low costing as the cardboard shell.

otherlab blog pic
Otherlab’s quirky SF headquarters pictured above.

Otherlab is now expanding on this concept and want to make the drones biodegradable and environmentally friendly. By creating the drones using mycelium, a mushroom based material, the drones can complete their “mission” without leaving any carbon footprints behind. Soon these commercial drones will be whizzing around making drop offs at hard to reach locations with things like food and medicine.

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