CABDA 2019        

CABDA 2019

February 18, 2019

Our team broke into the biking industry last week when we attended our first ever CABDA Expo! Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealers Association puts on a series of trade events for bicycle manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and local shops. As we walked the 5th annual Midwest Expo we were introduced to innovative bike lines, fun accessories, and a growing and welcoming biking community.

Roam Free with E-Bikes

At almost every turn at CABDA we ran into e-bikes. The electric bike craze has jumped the pond and has made it’s mark in the states. Originally forged in London 10 years ago, Gocycle’s e-bikes are designed and engineered with precision and style.

The bike is lightweight, ergonomic, and folds down to a compact 35 pounds. The bikes are powered by a Lithium battery and can go up to 50 miles on a single charge. For $2,799 you can claim your own Gocycle from Beyond’s local bike shop, Cosmic Bikes, on the West side of Chicago.

Vintage + Retro 

Wildsyde’s vintage e-cruisers had us quickly hopping on the e-bike band wagon with their rugged and cool style. The bikes come in varying models nicknamed The Beast, Hunni Bunni, and Shadow. Their motto, “we ride hard, ride fast and ride with a purpose” hold true for the fleet and encourage practicality and adventure.

Image credit: Wildsyde

Freedom Unfolds

Freedom unfolds when it comes to a Dahon bike. The compact, folding bikes are designed for easy transportation and create more opportunity for adventure. Depending on the model, a Dahon weighs just around 25 pounds making it perfect for quick rides and accessible storage.

Ortlieb Dependability

Ortlieb’s backpacks, messenger bags, and storage accessories are a household name in the biking industry. Their high-end gear features PVC-free line of rear pannier bags and decked out bike packing accessories.

…all of which are waterproof and protected through their roll closure design. Ortlieb’s notable messenger bags are equipped with high visibility reflectors, robust and sturdy design (perfect for their messengers), and lightweight and flexible materials.

Safety + Entertainment

Coros’ cycling helmets come equip with their unique Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS) that provide full, quality sound without effecting the rider’s environment awareness. The headphones are attached to the strap and fit snugly against the temple. The SafeSound Smart helmet currently retails at $200.

The Coros SafeSound Urban helmet at CABDA (left) and EOSS highlighted on Coros’ website (right, image credit: Coros).

Good Gear

Our neighbors to the north at Planet Bikes provide reliable and high quality accessories for bike enthusiasts. Their research and development facility in Madison, Wisconsin includes a Surface Mount Technology machine that produces electron circuits resulting in faster production capabilities. The facility also houses their optics testing lab that assess the radiant power of LED lights ensuring their products have accurate lumen ratings and run times. Planet Bikes are also proud members of the 1% for the Planet – an organization that is committed to creating a healthy planet by using 1% of company’s annual sales.

“Planet Bike’s Blaze® 45 and Superflash set is a great combo for urban biking. Great optics and ample lumen output get you noticed by drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists.” Image credit: Planet Bike

Masters of the Craft

Italian cyclist company, Silca, was founded in 1917 and has been the premier choice for bike pumps and tools for over 100 years Their headquarters moved to Indianapolis 5 years ago from Milan where they have continued to rebuild the historic brand. The unique and high performance pumps range from basic floor pumps to $800 custom painted pumps.

The Ypsilon Home Kit (left) and the Superpista Ultimate Richard Sachs Edition pump painted by partner Joe Bell. The hand crafted pump sells for $800. Image credit: Silca

West Coast Bike Ambassadors

Los Angeles based bike company, Pure Cycles, came to CABDA with their stylish and diverse variety of two-wheelers from race, road, and rad bikes to electric and 18-speed bikes. Their e-bike, Capacita, was on display (available for pre order) and features a built-in smart app, GPS anti-theft system, an extended rear rack, and a distance range that peaks at 40 miles. The bike will be available this summer starting at $1,999.

French Inspired Classics

Linus’ minimalist city bikes are designed with 1950s and 60s French inspiration. The simple style roadsters are built with modern comfort and practicality making quick trips to the grocery store, cafe, or corner store a simple and enjoyable experience. Linus also offers accessories like their ruc sacs, pet baskets, and saddles.

RockyMounts Racks

Colorado company, RockyMounts brought their fleet of bike, ski and cargo racks to CABDA along with their bike security collection. Founded in 1993, the company started off with hand built bike racks grounded in the need to keep bike enthusiasts’ gear safe and secure. The RockyMounts team recently moved their operation from downtown Boulder to Grand Junction – a flourishing city for the outdoor adventure industry 250 miles west of the city.

Image credit: RockyMounts.

This is Not a Bike

With their state side HQ in the Windy City, we were especially drawn to World Bicycle Relief and their mission to empower those in developing countries through bikes. WBR’s passion is fueled by eliminating obstacles that inhibit individual’s access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity by donating bikes to those without proper transportation.

Image credit: WBR

The Buffalo Bicycles are built strong with steel alloy frames and can carry over 200 pounds allowing farmers to transport more goods (like water, below), and healthcare workers and students to travel farther distances in less time.

Arkel’s Rollpacker + Haul-It

The bag and racks team at Arkel came down to Chicago from Quebec with their diverse line of panniers, racks, and bikepacking bags. The Rollpacker is their newest addition (patent pending, below) bikepacking seat bag. With it’s dual entry tube design, the bag rolls from either end compressing in size. The aluminium hanger attaches to the seat via quick release and is configured to handle the Rollpacker over or under the hanger giving it more versatility while maintaining “rock-solid stability.”

We also got to check out Arkel’s Haul-It commuter pannier.  The versatile bag securely holds everything from backpacks to FedEx packages, guitars, and beer. With one pull the compression strap and click system hold your items in a taut bind and give you the peace of mind to ride freely. It features the Arkel Cam-Lock mounting system and has other zippered pockets perfect for your keys or wallet. The Haul-It comes in reflective black or yellow for $89.99.

Committed to Comfort 

Day 6 Bikes originated in Iowa where they design comfortable and practical bikes specifically tailored to older riders and those with physical limitations. The bike has a wider seat, backrest, and extended handlebars making the experience easy on those with join and back pain. The bike is notable the wheels of choice for ex-NFL and NBA stars Lomas Brown and Rick Mahorn.

The bikes come in traditional and e-bike varieties. 

Versatile Racks

Making the trek up to the cold Midwest, Florida based rack company SeaSucker showcased their vacuum bike mounts at CABDA. Originally manufacturing boat accessories, SeaSucker realized their design would translate to a land based consumer. The racks are travel friendly and quickly adhere to a car roof where they can withstand up to 140 mph speeds, keeping the bike secured. Naturally, SeaSucker also offers ski and board racks along with camping gear accessories.

See You at CABDA 2020!

That’s a wrap! We had a great time at our first CABDA Show and were blown away by the design and engineering mastery from the biking industry. You can catch us on the Chicago bike paths this spring and for more on CABDA please drop us a note here.

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