Giving to Charity        

BuildOn Lane Tech Art Auction

April 12, 2016

Last weekend, Beyond Design hosted BuildOn Lane Tech and their art auction to raise money for schools in underprivileged areas. We were fortunate enough to be able to donate to a great cause, while viewing some beautiful art pieces. The event was filled with drinks, people and lots of socializing in our gorgeous studio space. A big thank you to all of those that showed up to support the cause and to Michael Prince, President of Beyond Design, for letting us host this great event.


The theme of the party was to enjoy the beautiful art, socialize with others and to raise money for such a good cause. Fun times here at Beyond Design, as we love to host events that will benefit others in the long run.



With so many people in attendance, we were amazed at the turn out and we are grateful that we hosted this great event at Beyond Design.


Gorgeous art surrounded the walls for those to purchase.


We can’t wait for the next art auction or another fundraiser where Beyond Design can host to donate such a great space for such a giving event.

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