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Bringing Connectivity to All of New York

November 20, 2014

By the end of 2015, if all goes according to plan, there will be a new fixture on streets of New York: hundreds of slim pillars with computer devices, each providing some of the fastest free internet available anywhere in the world.

The kiosks, which are powered by Android, are part of the initiative LinkNYC. Not only will they offer super fast Wi-Fi, but they are also designed to let people charge their gadgets and look up directions on touch screens. In addition, LinkNYC will offer free domestic phone calls including 911 and 311.


Just as phone booths were shared telephones, LinkNYC is like a shared computer. The large screens on either side of the Link system are designed to project ads. So, technically, these ads will pay for Internet on your phone. Those in residential areas (shown in the photo below) will be slimmer with no screens.

linknyc pay phones

The goal is to make the ads more relevant and engaging – potentially changing the ad depending on the time of day, or the location of the kiosk. It’s definitely a bold vision and one we can see expanding to other busy cities if New York proves it can work. LinkNYC hopes to have 10,000 of these kiosks throughout the five boroughs. For more on the story, visit here.

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