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Bringing Color to Food Storage Containers

November 7, 2014

Food storage containers are the most difficult to maintain in a kitchen, due to overuse, misplacement and mismatching. We all know the feeling when we need a container for leftovers, but there’s no covers that match the container and digging through the drawer or cabinet takes forever. Problem solved. Joseph Joseph were founded by two twins, Richard and Antony Joseph in 2003. Combining their interests in both product design and business, the two brothers decided that it was best for them to take on this venture.

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Specializing in contemporary kitchenware, Joseph Joseph focuses on producing some of the most stylish, colorful and innovative kitchen products that are on the market. Their company has become one of the fastest growing companies that sell to the houseware market. Their successful and creative ability to design easy to use and functionable products have earned them recognition all over the world

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One of their fastest selling products are six nesting containers, all different sizes, that comes with lids that snap together to provide a single container for the bunch. The bases are colorful, with a dot on the bottom, that designates a certain lid to a specific container. Moreover, the rectangular containers give users more space for food, rather than round containers which hold less.


To learn more information on Joseph Joseph and other storage products, click here or visit us to see what work we have done in cookware.

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