Swinging II        

Bright Red Man Swinging in Lincoln Square

June 17, 2016

For Chicagoans, we’re used to walking down the street and not be amazed at what we see. However, down in the Lincoln Square neighborhood – people are stopping in their tracks to see a bright red man of steel swinging in the middle of the sidewalk. Swinging II was released to the public on May 10th on the 4800 block of North Damen. A piece that is part of the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit – the goal is to bring people to appreciate the art instead of making people specifically find it.


When you think of art, most people think that they cannot be hands-on or touch the pieces. Not with Swinging II – admirers and pedestrians are encouraged to touch and feel the sculpture with one caveat. It is a HEAVY piece of art and could be dangerous if messed with inappropriately.


Swinging II is one of more than 40 sculptures located in Chicago that will be placed around the city, not just in the downtown area, but in neighborhoods as well. By making it public, people have a tendency to fall in love or admire the piece of art even more. With each sculpture, Howard Potter makes his art with 5/8 inch rods cut and shaped one at a time. By hand-making each one, the sculpture reveals a sense of life.


The sculptures around the city will be on display for a year.

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