Airmega Air Purifier        

Breathing Cleaner Air

March 11, 2016

Fresh air is hard to come by, especially if you have pets or live in a highrise. Breathing in air full of contaminants is not good for your health and can trigger allergies that you probably didn’t know you even had. Most air purifiers for the home are ugly/loud and don’t want to be entertained by homeowners.

Enter Airmega.

This natural air purifier tackles all issues with introducing a smart, quiet and attractive product that any home would be lucky to have. Best part about it is that the machine doesn’t spew harmful toxins around your home.


Most products that say they are ‘smart’ aren’t – however, this one actually is a smart product. Equipped with an app (obviously), Airmega will let you know if the air has gotten nasty if you are out. A nifty automatic mode will turn off the purifier when the air gets stale. Not to mention, it is smart enough to shut off after 10 minutes – helping the green movement.


With two filters on both sides, the purifier inhales more bad air which releases the good air that we all appreciate.



Good for a year, the Airmega will let you know when the filter needs to be changed. These air purifiers aren’t cheap but they will help your lungs, giving you a healthy, long-lasting life.

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