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Bosch Introduces Parking Sensors

September 29, 2015

Living in a metropolitan city like Chicago, we know what it is like trying to find a parking spot – not easy sometimes. It’s a waste of time driving around, costing us money, gas and other things. However, this has changed the way we know parking. Bosch has designed a system to let users know where available parking is and where they can park their car.


Sensors are installed on the ground of each space that can be regularly checked to see if occupancy is available. The information is sent over to a server. Sensors are 1.2 inches in height, and are powered with batteries. Low power consumption is used, which means that the sensors can last for up to seven years. The battery levels can be viewed by parking attendants, ensuring that all components are working correctly. The system can be accessed by users using a web portal or a mobile app. To see more of how the sensors work, watch the video below.

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