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Bosch Brings Wireless Charging to Power Tools

October 20, 2014

If you’ve ever wished your power tool would stay charged just a little longer – your wish has come true. This month, Bosch began shipping wirelessly charged drills, batteries and chargers to Lowe’s, Amazon, Grainger and other distributors.

Bosch designed the wireless charging system to address the number one problem that professional tradespeople said they faced on the job—dead and dying batteries. With Bosch’s charger, you simply dock the entire tool on its stand and come back to 100% battery life.

The Bosch system is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It makes Bosch the first to introduce inductive charging technology to the professional power tool market. An electric current generates a magnetic field in a transmitter, which in turn generates an electric current in a receiver. The battery charger still needs to be plugged in, but it’s not necessary to remove the battery to recharge it.

Power tools that charge wirelessly

While inductive technology is already used to charge products in other categories, such as cell phones, the required energy is about 50-times greater to charge a cordless power tool. This technology may change the entire power tool industry as competitors catch on and create their own wireless charging power tools.

To read more about the technology visit Forbes site here.

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