Blimpus: The Inflatable Character Canvas

July 26, 2011

One of our friends and fellow designer, Tony Ruth, recently launched a new line of inflatable character canvases called Blimpus with graphic designer Mike Serafin. Using Kickstarter, Ruth and Serafin pledged a $7,500.00 goal by March 31st and surpassed that goal with a total of $11,331.00. According to the creators, the inspiration for the Kickstarter project was:

“As designers we pretty much want to put graphics on EVERYTHING. We’ve done t-shirts, posters, skateboards, and anything flat and easy to print on. But now we want to explore beyond flatland and into the round, bulbous world of inflatable characters as custom, collectible art. What we’ve created is a blank, inflatable canvas with a big silly head to paint on and feet to stand on. They’re a bit over two feet tall, with stubby legs and they’re made of an ink-receptive PVC vinyl.”

You can choose from three different options, including a blank white Blimpus that allows you to customize it with markers, tape, screen printing, etc., a solid color Blimpus with sticker kits, and a designer edition Blimpus that Ruth and Serafin designed. For now, the designer edition Blimpus includes a Cyclops, Yeti, Owl, or Ninja.

The 3D canvas is easily deflated and stands 26 inches tall. Seems like the perfect gift for character lovers, DIYers, and even children. You can check out more about the project at

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