Big Ass Light Bar        

Big Ass Solutions Provides a Big Ass Light Bar

January 3, 2017

Big Ass Solutions just designed a work light that can handle the toughest and grimiest jobs that one could ever have. Designed specifically to provide light to mechanics, contractors, truckers, and first responders – it also meets the needs of other professions, such as fisherman or any outdoor job.


The LED lamp bar has six brightness settings from 80-5,000 lumens and will lay at a right angle so the light can illuminate an entire space. The battery can last for 48 hours at the dimmest setting and 90 minutes if turned up to the maximum light setting. And if you drop it, no need to worry. This Big Ass Light Bar will sustain a multiple injuries before something happens to it.


Materials used to create the light bar are extruded aluminum, polymers, resins and rubberized components. It also has a IP66 wet rating so you can scrub it, hose it and use it in the rain if needed.


Designed by a previous mechanic, lighting is an issue in all shops – as you need to see in order to get down to the nitty gritty tasks of figuring out an issue. Most light bars are poorly made and aren’t made to last a significant amount of time. Not to mention, all of the other materials that can factor in to a product not working effectively.


With the launch scheduled to be in early 2017, the Big Ass Light Bar will include a battery charger and a case. With a Big Ass Solution, you’ll for sure need all the help you can get.

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