ALIVE Rescue's Volunteer of the Month        

Beyond Design’s Employee Making a Difference

March 31, 2017

Our very own Account Manager, Jacquelyn Potwin, is this month’s Volunteer of the Month at ALIVE Rescue! Jax has been a volunteer at ALIVE for the past several years. In addition to being a regular volunteer at ALIVE’s Little Barn shelter where she spends time taking care of the dogs and cats, she is also an active member of the fundraising team. She helps organize and facilitate events that raise money and necessary supplies for the countless animals that come through ALIVE’s doors. With Jax help, the shelter has seen hundreds of cats and dogs adopted to loving homes in Chicago. One of which is Tate the cat! Originally taken in by Jax temporarily as an ALIVE foster, she ended up officially adopting Tate last year. Tate now lives happily in Ravenswood with Jax, her husband and their adopted golden lab-mix, Bob. You can follow their adventures here:

“I’m honored to be ALIVE Rescue’s volunteer of the month! It’s a great feeling to find and meet new friends that share your love for rescue animals. I’m so happy to be a part of the ALIVE family. I have huge respect for all ALIVE does every day to save our furry friends, take on the hard cases, the sick and shower them with love and a second chance. “

Founded in 2008, ALIVE Rescue has been a safe haven for dogs and cats in need for the past nine years. The refuge has been a beacon in the community offering their services for forgotten and helpless pets in the Chicagoland area. ALIVE Rescue is a no kill shelter and takes in pets with a higher likelihood of being euthanized, seniors, unpopular breeds, and pets with special needs. There is no animal too far gone for ALIVE – every life is valued at their shelter.


For the first four years ALIVE’s efforts were solely foster care based. It wasn’t until 2013 that the first headquarters, The Little Barn, was opened in Roscoe Village. ALIVE has extended their organization recently to Memphis, Tennessee and are also slated to open “The Big Barn” next year.
Even with the leaps and bounds since their inception, there is no shortage of donations that the sanctuary can take. If you would like to make a contribution, no donation is too small or too large! ALIVE is currently looking for:

– Frontline Plus for dogs (1-25lbs)
– Dog training treats
– Leashes for large dogs
– Peanut butter
– Target or Petco gift cards

To learn more, please visit the following links:

little barn blog

Up Down