Knock Those Pins Down        

Beyond Design’s Bowling Outing

September 25, 2015

Last Wednesday, the team at Beyond Design decided that we should get together after work and go bowling. It’s been a while since we all hung out outside of the office and wanted to get to know the new members that have joined our team. It can be challenging being the new person in such a tight knit office, so an indoor activity like bowling was the perfect choice to interact and have some fun. And as always, a big thanks to Michael Prince, President of Beyond Design, for letting us be able to blow off some steam on the alley.


Jax was up and on the alley, trying to get a strike.


Scott was up and focused on getting all of the pins knocked over.


The super chill atmosphere allowed us to let loose, drink some drinks and chit chat with those who you knew and to get to know those you want to know more. Fun times here at Beyond Design, as we try and come up with fun ideas for parties here.


Peace Julia – from Jax and Trevis.


Amazed faces as our pro bowler, Sean, picks up his own ball and attempts to get a strike.


Jax never ceases to amaze us with her pictures, as she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet – and not to mention the funniest.

Beyond Design is a great place to work, but the people who work here make it even better. The drive, determination, and personality that each person has shines through and makes it so much fun to come to work everyday. The talent that each person brings to the table is amazing and we love getting together to relax and have fun because we do work hard each and every day.

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