2017 NeoCon Trends        

Beyond Design At NeoCon 2017

June 30, 2017

Earlier this month part of our Beyond Design team went to the 49th NeoCon Show at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. NeoCon welcomed over 50,000 design professionals from around the world and showcased new interior trends from markets like healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, and government. Ariana Huffington, Jessica Green (co-founder of Phylagen) and John Ronan (founding principal of Johan Ronan Architects) were the top keynote speakers among the thousands of exhibitors that attended.

Below is a look at the innovative trends we saw and where we think the commercial design industry is headed.

All photography by Beyond Design Industrial Designer, Holly Prouty

Heather Grey Textures
Heather grey was a big trend we saw at NeoCon this year. The color brings a minimal touch to spaces and provides a modern and sleek edge.

Privacy in the Age of Collaboration
With more offices becoming open work spaces and offering their employees “nooks” and alternative ways to work (rather than traditional desks), we saw the incorporation of privacy into these collaborative spaces.

(L) Intern, John Brechbill tests out some of the privacy pods.

Updated Twist on 70’s Inspired Colors
The retro bright yellows and oranges of the 1970’s were resurrected this year and gave modern interior designs a fun twist.

The matted material made a big impact on several different trends at NeoCon. From the privacy nooks to splashy chairs and carpets, felt gave the pieces texture and style.


Enlarged Weaves and Stitching
Intricate large weaves and stiching were a popular touch at the show. The weaving brought a clean and tightly wound style to the designs.

Keep an eye on our site for more trends we find and feel free to drop us a note for more information. Until next year NeoCon!

Industrial Designer, Carter Gerard, checking out some mod wall art at NeoCon.

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