Beyond Design Sponsors Design Good Now Workshop

September 30, 2016

This past weekend, Purdue University hosted a design workshop called DesignGoodNow that Beyond Design was fortunate enough to be a sponsor for – along with a few other companies that got involved. The event was really successful and had 40 design students and 40 Biomedical students, 5 teams of 16 people, participated in this event from Purdue. In addition, there were about 150 students participated this event from 4 other Universities throughout China, Korea, and Europe.

The whole weekend was dedicated to students working on a platform that would bring together schools, communities and industries from all over the world to design items to solve real life challenges. The purpose of the platform is to emphasize design by action and taking what students learn in the classroom to demonstrate collaborative work. The design process as a whole provides clear direction, communication, and use of technology to build something great.


Five teams of 16 were organized – the blue and the burgundy. Each team worked on problem statements, design intents and solutions to create the best possible design for their team. Along with that, they devised design methods to speed up the development process. Finally, each team used technology-based design tools to create and build tangible products. For this workshop specifically, it was all about the problem solving and bringing their ideas to reality.




In an ever-changing design world, new technologies are based on design tools that are introduced to designers on a daily basis. This provides us a way to change the products that we can design. The workshop provided students a chance to learn, demonstrate and be innovative to build products that will give users a better future.



Even the local news from LaFayette, Indiana came out to do a story on the event. We’re so proud that Beyond Design was able to sponsor such a great event for students to showcase their abilities in the design world.


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