Juarez High School        

Beyond Design Lends a Helping Hand to CPS Students

April 19, 2016

Over the past few weeks, Michael Prince, President of Beyond Design has been assisting the students from Benito Juarez High School. We were approached by their Architectural Design and Drafting class to brainstorm ideas and create their vision of how they want to build their product in mind. Currently, they are working on the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Newhouse Design Competition.


The students visited Beyond Design to get a feel for a product design studio and used their skills to sketch and brainstorm different ideas with Michael Prince. He went through a few exercises with them and definitely gave them positive tips for inspiration and how to develop their skills.



A section of the competition the students are in is to create a community bench that they worked on at our studio.




The 34th-annual Newhouse Architecture + Design Competition, presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, gives teens a chance to showcase their talent for design thinking, compare peers’ work to their own, connect with professional mentors in the field and develop high-level work for a college portfolio. As a product design consultancy, we’re excited for the students to present their concepts/ideas and learn about the wonderful world of design that we work in everyday.

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