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Beyond Design Hosts a Design Workshop in South Korea

January 19, 2016

Michael Prince, President of Beyond Design & industrial designer and Trevis Kurz, Manager of Industrial Design were personally selected to conduct an international design workshop in Seoul, South Korea by EunKyung Lee and Ken Nah at IDAS – Hongik University. ‘Designing for Social Impact’ three-day workshop allowed students to gain experience from industrial designers that are from the United States. We were beyond thrilled and overwhelmed at the fact that we could participate in such a great event, which was an eye-opening and amazing opportunity.


It’s Michael and Ken Nah, Dean at Hongik University.


Out on the town in Korea with the whole group.

Social awareness improves the quality of life through design and empathetic point of view. As product designers, we are skilled in having an eye to identify unmet and in-articulated needs in society. We see the issues that most are not aware of and have to put ourselves in empathetic situations. In regards to culture, age related challenges and difficulties are prevalent in multiple societies. The response to these challenges are based on the state of development, availability/affordability of solutions and being able to apply these to improve quality of life.

The goal of the workshop was for students to identify all key elements within product development and to identify a social awareness through our SDP process. Our hope was to engage the students to create thought provoking ideas through business and manufacturing objectives. Students developed three aspects during the workshop – core problems, emotional attributes and business objectives for mass production. By understanding to design for both an emotional and business appeal, the workshop brought everyone together on a common level. This workshop was compared to the television show, Shark Tank, allowing students to pitch their ideas at the end, receiving constructive criticism and feedback.



Not only did Trevis and Michael host a design workshop in South Korea, but they had a blast checking out the sites and having a blast during the day. This is a one in a lifetime trip for us as designers, giving us an opportunity to see and work with others who experience aspects of life differently on a daily basis.


It’s Ilwhan – a past intern at Beyond Design. Trevis had to take a picture with him.


Michael acting silly is true to his playful character, while Trevis poses with a artistic painting in the background.


Trevis posing for the camera during the workshop session.


It was all about throwing up the peace sign in South Korea. Must be pretty popular.


All in all, it was a great trip. Thank you to everyone that was involved in the trip – as it was a great experience. Until next time, Korea!

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