National Restaurant Association Show 2017        

Beyond Design Heads to 2017 NRA Show

May 31, 2017

Last weekend Beyond Design attended the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show at McCormick Place where we explored new designs, products, and strategies in the foodservice industry. We joined over 45,000 other attendees from across the country and world to check out the cutting edge products on the market.

Freedom in the Kitchen – Kitchen Essentials Go Cordless
Waring recently launched the cordless blender. The main feature is the cordless battery that allows for users to go anywhere they need in the kitchen to blend food. The cordless feature makes it so they are not tethered to a specific area in the kitchen. The battery powered Cordless Bolt has an ergonomic grip and a battery and docking charging station for quick recharge.

Bolt cordless blender (L,R) and Waring Blender (C).

Color Coding
Waring recently released a new line of blenders with color coded jars that will assist with food preparation. If someone has food allergies or sensitive diet, the color coded jars allows them to easily track which foods are prepped in which jars. The American made blenders make a splashy addition to the kitchen and effortlessly mixes up smoothies, salsa, dips and more with the 48 ounce carafe.

Thinking Inside the Box
Bakerstone’s patented Pizza Oven Box design uses the heat of an outdoor grill and transforms it from 450 degrees to a scorching 750 degrees Fahrenheit. The box can be purchased for $150 and sits on top of a regular grill and imitates the effects of a wood burning oven. Pizza is then cooked from dough to a piping hot pie in under 4 minutes. The oven box also bakes breads, cooks meat, vegetables, and fish. The grill is the perfect addition to any backyard patio for the summer.

Bakerstone’s Pizza Oven Box delivers gourmet pizza after 2-4 minutes on top of the grill.

Familiar Faces
Beyond Design was a part of the design exploration process for Hatco’s conveyer toasters. These are the same machines we had been introduced to but updated in different colors. The colors that were displayed were striking red, polished stainless steel and traditional black. The other main feature of the toaster is the convenient touch screen and a USB port to easily update the machine with any software changes so it can continue to toast 400 slices an hour.

Beyond Design helped with the exploration process of Hatco’s toaster design and was impressed with their addition of bright colors.

Durable and Elegant Dishware
Carlise Foodservices displayed their sleek dishware line. The newly debuted plates and bowls are made of plastic but designed to resemble more natural looking materials. Specifically, their Grove dinnerware collection is made of melanin – a more dependable material than glass or ceramic – yet is notably very smooth. Their research findings were that consumers preferred the look of ceramic and glass. They were able to create plastic dishware pieces to look and feel like those pieces with natural and colorful finishes.

Durable ceramic and glass (looking) dishware.

Throwing in the Towel
Excel Dryer had on display their prestige hand dryer, The Xlerator. The hand washing and drying system have adjustable speed and heat controls and uses patented energy-efficient technology. The Xlerator uses 80% less energy than traditional hand driers and uses an LED light to guide the user to effectively dry their hands in 8 seconds.

Excel hand wash and dry system has the sleek finish similar to the Bradley Washbar our team designed.

Cooking with Water Brings Tender Results
VacMaster’s convenient SV1 Sous Vide Cooking Immersion Circulator is a nifty way to vacuum package and prepare food while keeping a “consistent doneness.” The food is submerged in a bath of temperature controlled water and cooks food in the perfect temperature to maximize tenderness and flavor. The circulator is available for commercial use for first time users as well as professional chefs.

Sous Vide Cooking technique results in a more tender and well cooked dinner.

Multifunctional Oven Delivers 4X the Heat
The Alto Shamm Multi Cook uses a great new technology that allows different compartments to cook several different items all at once. The multi-function oven is part of the Vector series and each of the four chambers can individually provide different functions at different speeds, temperatures, and cook times. This 4-Oven-In-One design allows the customer to increase productivity and flexibility without losing flavor or quality.

Water Resistance
Unifed’s Groen Mixer added the new water resistant control panel to their appliances. They streamlined the design and added the durable dial to the front panel. The dial can withstand the harsh environment of larger kitchens and reduce repair costs and downtime while still delivering the same precise temperature.

Quick and Strong Pours
IDS’ (Integrated Dispense Systems) S-Tap Beer device showcased their computer driven tower and sensitive controls. The system is equipped with a flow meter sensor to ensure the best pour at the perfect pressure. There are also temperature sensors to provide the coldest 4 second poured pint.

Beating the Summer Heat
With summer approaching, A-Niks had the perfect perk for restaurants opening their patios as warm weather rolls in. The Turbo Cool is part of their evaporative cooling system. This outdoor cooling system is designed to withstand even the hottest of locations, like Florida humidity. The cooling system uses a higher pressure pumping system that emits shredded droplets that lightly mist the surrounding area. TurboHeat is also available and perfect for temperamental weather in cities (like Chicago)!

A-Niks cools off the McCormick Place with their Turbo Cool.

The 2017 NRA Show gave our team the chance to see the latest lifestyle products for all areas in the restaurant industry. For a look at our projects, check out our website here or drop us a note at

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