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Beyond Design Bowling Night

November 18, 2016

This past Tuesday, the team at Beyond Design decided that we should get together after work and go bowling – a tradition that has been added a few years back. It’s been a while since we all hung out outside of the office and wanted to get to know the new members that have joined our team. It can be challenging being the new person in such a tight knit office, so bowling is always the answer to interact and have some fun.


Peace sign by Michael Prince. That’s his signature move.


Posing by Igor. He loves to do that in photos. Smiles from Sean, as he is always smiling. And Zack, right in the middle of the action.


New friends. Holly and Hyerin have become good friends, since Hyerin started her internship here. She’s originally from South Korea and met Michael when he visited her school for a design workshop.


Serious faces as everyone was looking at their scores. We’re a competitive group here at Beyond Design.


Oh hey, Nikhil.


What’s everyone looking at? Until next time, Diversey River Bowl. Thanks for having us!

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