Conforming to Your Shape        

Bench Conformation

November 3, 2015

Upholstered furniture might look nice and be comfortable, but on the durability scale – it’s pretty low. As humans, we make mistakes. We spill, we trip, we make messes. It happens. And we all have that one friend who turned a cushion around to hide a stain that no one wants to see. Embarrassing. As a solution, designer Adam Friedman took a gamble and played around in his workshop until he discovered this: solid-wood furniture that can conform to your body like memory foam.


Leather couches have become more popular to hide upholstery stains. However, for those who prefer upholstery, they have to keep in mind that it can get destroyed and that’s a problem. The block series from Sitskie is the evolution to pieces that are lasting, durable and can yield any problems.


The Block system bench consists of wood pieces, joined by elastic and are on top of a cushion. A five-foot version of the bench requires 450 separate pieces of wood. When you sit on it, the surface responds, offering the give of upholstery with the durability of wood. Best part about it is if you spill something on it, remove the blocks, wipe it down and no one will ever know the difference.


Each bench is custom made, ranges between $4000-6200, and can be ordered from

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