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August 3, 2018

Our very own Director of Design and UEX, Sean Kim, is featured as a WeLivv Design Influencer this month! WeLivv is an emerging online destination for curated architecture, interiors, and products, and work with some of the most respected names in design including David Rockwell, Marcel Wanders, and Tom Dixon. WeLivv mainly focuses on featuring designers who purchase products (furnishings, lighting, etc.) from WeLivv for their amazing projects, they sometimes also feature non-customers from design firms like Beyond.

Sean is our veteran Beyond designer and has been with the firm for over fourteen years! We’re thrilled he was featured on WeLivv and hope you read and share the designer spotlight below:

Since 2004, Sean has played a key role on the Beyond Design team and has worked across a broad range of consumer/commercial industries including electronics, housewares, office supplies, and industrial printers. He believes framing up the right design innovation method and frameworks will greatly help to establish the organization, maximize the productivity, and further empower their brand. Also, he is intrigued by the multi-disciplinary aspect of design and focuses on creating iconic, meaningful, and human-centered innovations that convey an engaging story. Sean previously worked at many design consultancies and in a corporate environment before he joined our team, and studied Industrial Design at Bridgeport University in Connecticut.

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Why WeLivv?
Aesthetic, designer items such as Furniture, Lighting, and other Home Décor, warrant a more comprehensive visual experience than how they were being presented by any seller we could find. WeLivv was established with this idea in mind.

One of the BD projects featured on WeLivv is the Encompass Railtones (above). Encompass Lighting Group shared our same goal, to create a timeless form that would deliver superior audio quality. The speaker’s slim profile is used to create a stealth form while other contours are intended to capture the subtleties and visual attributes of a horn. This shape draws attention to the product’s functionality, yet still complements other decorative elements with various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials suspended from the power rail. It was designed to integrate with two different brands, Tech Lighting and LBL, under the client portfolio.

Another design WeLivv featured was our the ComfortLink Smart Thermostat. Trane, a world leader in air conditioning and heating systems, services and solutions, approached our team to develop a smart thermostat designed for today’s busy homeowners. One of the most important aspects of this program was ensuring that the user interface was intuitive to control for people of all ages. The user has the ability to program as much information as they want on their thermostat, including the status of their indoor air quality, humidity, and individual room temperatures. The integrated zoning system allows the user to independently control the temperature in various areas of the home. Unlike conventional systems that can only heat or cool the entire house at once, the zoning system directs heated and cooled air on a zone-by-zone basis, allowing a user to control each zone as though it were an individual house. A built-in schedule allows the user to program the thermostat months in advance, with temperatures for up to seven days for personalized home comfort. Furthermore, the ComfortLink™ II remembers a house’s HVAC history, allowing users to compare costs from year to year.

What They’re Doing
WeLivv offers the best of modern design, in each of its elements: Inspiration, Perspective, and Products. Their selection of designers includes Moooi, Tom Dixon, Artek, Foscarini, Artemide, and Kartell, as well as many still up and coming. WeLivv brings their products to life digitally by connecting the dots between designer and consumer and the most interesting, relevant spaces they’re a part of. This allows WeLivv to convey a level of detail and emotion intrinsic to an aesthetic nature.

The Shore and Louver House (left and right respectively) by Stephanie Nguyen are some of the other spotlight designs featured on WeLivv – specifically architecture and interior design.

Immersive Design
From inspiration and conception to materialization and experience, and the many facets of each, there’s a lot that goes into to great design. To facilitate and even ensure the perfect product is selected for each space, WeLivv aims to cohesively demonstrate the evolution of each design that they offer, as well as their featured designers, and their impact on beautifying the world, one space at a time. WeLivv is committed to offering the best in modern and contemporary home design. They have selected some of the best designer and brand partners from across the world who share our standard of aesthetic and quality. With each of WeLivv’s partners, they are able to work together to articulate each story and bring it to the world in a way that conveys individual inspiration, processes, as well as the impact that they have on design through the most interesting spaces that their products help beautify. If you are interested in partnering with WeLivv please contact them at

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