Barbie Smart House        

Barbie Gets a New Smart Home

September 16, 2016

Barbie is getting a major upgrade. The new 2016 Barbie Smart Home is being released later this Fall and it is the ultimate luxury pad. The voice-controlled, customized sound effects home can be used remotely through a smart phone mobile app. The voice-controlled feature allows things to move automatically around the house as the user suggests, and even has silly mode – which is sounds that can be used for anything, like the toilet clucking like a chicken.


The Smart Home does need a Wi-Fi connection and cloud-based speech recognition for the commands to work – with over 100 action items can be done. If you want the door open or shut, stairs turned into a slide, or a party with the disco lights on and baked goods on the table – this will be done for you! Two former Pixar employees are to thank for the the speech-recognition features, who now work for PullString (a company they founded). When the house is connected to the Wi-Fi, a little light at the top of the house indicates that the house is “listening”.


In addition, when Barbie steps into any room, the house responds thanks to embedded floor switches. The room then comes to life, as lamps turn on or the fireplace roars, for example. It’s truly a good time to be a kid.

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