Bang & Olufsen’s Classic Gadgets

December 18, 2015

Bang and Olufsen, a high-end manufacturer of a complete line of audio and video products prides themselves on providing their customers with a sleek and stylish design aesthetic. However – the company didn’t hit the ground running until the 1960’s. Much like how Apple started in a garage, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen started their company in an attic, creating radios.


During the mid-1950’s, designers like Arne Jacobsen began implementing new materials and colors with Danish furniture makers. Everything was sleek, handsome and had a certain look about them, but no company was producing modern radio cabinets for display. This outdated designs alongside furniture – making it difficult to showcase new products. Those in the industry realized that technology needed to be drastically revamped.


This was Bang and Olufsen’s chance to rise to the challenge and produce design devices that were functional, but also had that aesthetic appeal that those desperately wanted. For a few years, research and working with those in the industry that could provide them with the support they needed – an approach that is considered mandatory these days in the design world. The engineers at B&O are idea generators – nothing is thrown off the table until everyone involved has given their thoughts.


The company’s design ethos hasn’t changed much since the beginning, giving off a reputation for making luxury audio gear that is superior to other products. Not to mention, their approach to prototyping is exceptional. Designers mock up their designs in wood, cardboard, foam, cloth and even lego blocks to get a better idea for development issues. Their dedication to materiality is essential to making the right decision. This is a consistent theme that they follow – as it probably helps them be relevant in the market.


Bang & Olufsen is a company that focuses on beyond the short-term cycle – focusing on designs that will not want to be replaced immediately. As product designers, we know that some designs can be replaced and others can be timeless. B&O delivers a great aesthetic design that appeals to a contemporary look that will never go out of style.

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