Beoplay H5        

Bang and Olufsen Design Wireless Neckbuds

July 5, 2016

Bang and Olufsen, the Danish consumer electronics company, that makes speakers, headphones and other audio products are debuting their new line of wireless earbuds that are top of the line quality.


The Beoplay H5 are the first headphones, or neckbuds that don’t look like cheap headphones and where you can barely hear the music. The textile cord loops behind your head has a small magnet in each earpiece that will connect together if you aren’t using your headphones. Hence, a necklace. With the option to shut down when you aren’t using them, this will save your battery for those long car rides or transit home to or from work.


Besides the design, it is equipped with Bluetooth, ear tips for your ears, etc. Available in two colors and an app to adjust them accordingly, you will be enamored with the sound quality. The five-hour battery life needs two hours of charging – the only downfall. However, B&O delivers exceptional products with an amazing design that you will fall in love with.


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