Baker Summer Discovery Camp Visits Beyond Design During STEM Week

August 2, 2013

“Baker’s Summer Discovery is designed to spark the imagination, engage the intellect, and, at the same time, offer an equally important dose of fun and physical activity.”

Baker Demonstration School, located in Wilmette, teaches a “learn by doing” curriculum in which students learn through experience and play. Fourteen students from their summer program visited our studio yesterday as part of the STEM education course. We presented what we do as a product development firm and gave them a tour of our studio (they were particularly impressed by our MakerBot). A few of our designers demonstrated what SolidWorks is/does and also how to sketch on a Cintiq. The kids were very engaged and asked a lot of questions about the tools, products, and technology we use. We really enjoyed having them here. Thanks for visiting!

Baker Summer Discover Camp 2013

The kids were given a presentation on who we are, what we do, and shown some products we have developed.

The kids had worked on a project prior to visiting where they had to design something that would help a soup can float, with the use of limited materials.

Students learn how a Cintiq works from our Director of New Product Development, TJ Kim.

Students check out the MakerBot and learn how it works.

Students ask questions about 3D printing.

We love having K-12 students in to learn more about the field of product development. If you’re interested in setting up a studio visit, please contact Jessie here.

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