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Arrow is the New Smart-Kart for Kids

February 26, 2016

Wouldn’t you have wanted to have a go-kart that went fast? Well – kids can now enjoy the first speedster in a way that won’t scare their parents if they are going too fast. The Actev Motors Arrow Smart-Kart is an electric go-kart that goes up to 12mph (doesn’t seem fast, but when you’re a kid – this is awesome!). Arrow hopes that kids can have fun racing around in their go-kart, while parents can be at ease with their child having fun, while not getting into any accidents.


While the Arrow is not just fast, it’s smart as well. The go-kart connects to an app via Wi-Fi for the parents to see how fast their child is going, along with keeping the go-kart driving in a specific area. Not to mention, they can stop the go-kart with a push of a button. The software doesn’t take away from the joy of riding, but just is a precaution – in case something goes awry.


The design of the Arrow Smart-Kart was to make sure that this was a platform that could accept accessories, additional games, sensors and other items that would develop the Arrow into much more than it already is. 30-60 minutes of drive time is on one battery charge, or you can purchase a bulkier battery for more time. It takes about 10 hours to charge, but can be charged faster for an upgrade cost.


There’s not a whole lot of choices when it come to electric recreational vehicles these days for kids – and this is the perfect solution for them. To have a product like this on the market is exciting and worth it, for both kids and parents. As designers and engineers, we think that this is one of the best products that a company could offer and it’s unfortunate that we’re not kids anymore, as we would love to speed around this thing at our office.

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