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Apple Unveils The New Apple TV

October 27, 2015

For all of the Apple lovers out there, you can rest easy. Apple just unveiled their new and improved Apple TV after three years of waiting. The new set-top box is completely redesigned starting from the hardware and software to the remote control. And it includes its own app store for third-party apps.


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated that the “future of television is apps” and for all those millennials out there, this is perfect for them. The new Apple TV will cost $149 for the 32GB, while the 64GB will cost $199. Apple recommends for those users that are playing games and apps on a continuous basis, they should choose the 64GB device.


Apple is a company that focuses on the user interface for their products, always providing a seamless transition into new releases. The new operating system called tvOS comes with a brand-new touch and voice enabled remote – which of course allows Siri to guide you. A specific button can be pushed to initiate searches via Siri’s voice. Not only can the touchpad navigate the way around the interface, but it can control the video playback while watching TV.


Siri will be able to search iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime for specific shows or movies, practically using her for everything you need. Early partners that want a piece of the action are Netflix, HBO, Disney and even the popular Airbnb.

And for all those shopping lovers out there, Apple showed off their new app, Gilt, which can allow users to browse and shop directly from the Apple TV. Moreover, for all the sports lovers out there, there is a new MLB app which enables split screen viewing while watching the games live.


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