An Industrial Design Internship: Thanks, Rachel!

December 15, 2011

“I chose to study industrial design because I love how much of an impact a single line in a sketch can have in someone’s daily life.”

Rachel Sandoval, from The Ohio State University, had her last day in our studio this past Friday. She has been interning with us since September and will be returning to school next semester. Rachel came to Beyond Design wanting to learn the differences between how a consultancy is managed versus a corporation. She worked on a number of projects while on our team and showed enthusiasm and motivation with each project she was involved with.

“Working on certain projects at Beyond, I had the opportunity to see what design elements drive cost and how those factors contribute to the overall product line strategy.”

Rachel continuously demonstrated her skills while working with us and was a tremendous support to our team. We will miss her! Thanks for all your help, Rachel!

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