An All-in-One Design Pedal Assist [Kickstarter]

October 25, 2013

FlyKly Smart Wheel (photo from

Relative to some other metropolitan areas, Chicago is a pretty easy terrain for cyclists, whether they are recreational bike riders or regular commuters. The flat roads make it easy for bikers to travel around town, however the city’s vastness definitely has the ability to tire out even the most in-shape bikers. In hillier cities, such as San Francisco and Boulder, pedaling can become tiresome very quickly. Although most avid cyclists would never dream of replacing their trusty wheels with anything motorized, the new FlyKly Smart Wheel provides a reasonable alternative to easier riding.

FlyKly is an electric-powered bike wheel, app, and accessories system that allows the user to set top speeds, monitor use, and charge your phone with little weight added to your existing bike. The motorized wheel starts up when you begin to pedal, cruises, and stops when you brake, as safely and controlled as it would on your old bike configuration. Keeping security in mind, the app allows the user to lock the unit, as well as monitor and find via GPS if theft does occur.

FlyKly Smart Wheel App (photo from

This is only the beginning of the advantages and perks to the FlyKly Smart Wheel. It is currently being promoted on Kickstarter.

Written by: Courtney Blum, Account Executive, Beyond Design

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