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Amazon Introduces Echo

November 12, 2014

Last week, Amazon introduced their new Echo device. An interesting design, the Echo is a cylindrical domestic product that is basically Siri in a can or an iPad for your ears with no reason to use headphones. It aims to provide users with information from the internet made with directions only made via voice. The Echo is hands free, allowing users to do chores around the house, with no reason to plug in cords to outlets or computers to gain access to information.


Amazon’s Echo has a design and system that gives users a distinct and interesting gadget to have in your kitchen, living room or any place that gathers people. The shape of the device provides a light ring around the top, giving off a blue green color that looks awesome with no lights on. The “Siri” effect in the Echo is the built in microphone that gives users a chance to speak to the cylindrical object for what it needs off hand, along with music playback and volume controls for when music gets too loud. Woofers and a tweeter are also installed to give a more stable and equal sound system.


Watch this video introducing the Amazon Echo and what it can do for users.

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