Amazing Dirty Car Art

August 1, 2012

Most people see a dirty car window and immediately feel the need to write “Wash Me” on the back window. However, artist Scott Wade sees something a little different than most – he views a dusty car window as his canvas. Wade has created some pretty dramatic artwork simply because someone hasn’t taken the time to wash their car. He has depicted everything from pop-culture icons to famous works of art. This work just shows you that art really is everywhere. One of our favorites is how he depicted the “On the Road” images from all sides of the vehicle. You can see more images and read about the artist behind the work here.

"On the Road" (windshield) - photo from

"On the Road" (driver's side) - photo from

"On the Road" (passenger's side) - photo from

"On the Road" (back window) - photo from

Mount Rushmore - photo from

Horror Characters - photo from

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