9 Rules for Brainstorming        

Advice from an writer Geoffrey James

February 25, 2014

As a product development firm who both leads and participates in brainstorming sessions, it’s always interesting to read what others have to share about what they have learned through their experiences with brainstorming. We recently came across an article on where the writer shares his take on what has worked for him. His 9 rules for brainstorming are:

1. Only invite brains.
2. No wet blankets.
3. Suspend your judgment.
4. Welcome “bad” ideas.
5. Go for quantity.
6. Get everyone all wired up.
7. No electronics.
8. Keep it short.
9. Sleep on it.

We would also add one more to this list based on our experience: combine and improve ideas. It is important to work together and build off each other’s ideas. For more details on each point he makes, check out the full story here.

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