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Adobe Photoshop Celebrates 25 Years

February 24, 2015

When someone thinks of Adobe products, Photoshop is probably the most recognized and used platforms for program use in technology. It’s the go-to imaging program that is tied to the rest of design programs. Over the years, Photoshop has turned into a digital image-processing program that has changed the use of how we use computers forever. Not only is it beneficial to users, but it is the de facto program when users need to change, edit or transform photos.


Magic wand selection tool, color correction and level adjustments are features that were included when the program was introduced to the Macintosh. However, over the years, layers, were introduced for users to be able to edit and make mistakes, while still being able to keep the original image as is. It helps for those users who come from multiple industries and backgrounds to be comfortable using the program in the way that they see fit for themselves. Going along with that, Photoshop is updated to support new products that are introduced into the market, making it easier to work together.


Photoshop allows users to do what they need to do when it comes to editing, faster and easier, which allows us to recognize why Photoshop has been a crucial asset and a revolutionary product when first introduced in the early 1990’s. Not only does the program make it faster and easier, it puts users in a position to design and create whatever they like, using the multitude of tools that the program has incorporated.

We love using Photoshop at Beyond Design and can see the potential of making the program even better in the future. It has allowed us to create, magnify, change and alter how we view design here and makes us think about what is in front of us when we look at our screens. Moving forward, we see that the program can only be more beneficial and will allow designers and users to create and alter even better photos for the outcome. To read more, please click here.

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