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Adobe Muse 2014 Offers New Features for Creating Your Own Website – Without Any Coding

August 26, 2014

Over the past few years, we have noticed that more and more of our clients are requesting website design. We have designed sites for our clients in WordPress (MEA Incorporated Website) and even created the layout and functionality for our own website. However, when it came to coding the sites, we reached out to some friends in the industry to help us with the process. While we love to design the functionality and overall look of the site, the coding aspect tends to scare us away just a little. Enter Adobe Muse.

While Adobe Muse was initially introduced in 2011, the company recently released a new version on the Creative Cloud with updated features – and, we must say, we definitely want to check it out. From the very beginning, the program has been ideal for designers. Not only does it have a familiar interface for anyone who is comfortable with InDesign or Illustrator, but it also allows you to customize a website without dealing with any code. It allows designers to create unique, freeform designs without visual restrictions.

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It is definitely a great tool for small to medium size companies, and, even better for freelancers and photographers – or those who don’t want to depend on programmers to get their site live. While there is not a blogging tool on the program just yet, if you’re looking for a simple website design that you can create all on your own, then Adobe Muse is for you.

With the August 2014.1 release of Adobe Muse CC, designers have even more choices when creating their Adobe Muse sites. The entire application has been rebuilt from the ground up, and it’s packed full of exciting new features and enhancements. You can use the fonts you already own, with new self-hosted web font support, and create bulleted and numbered lists with a single click. Plus, designers can prevent contact form spam for sites hosted with Adobe or any other hosting provider.

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To check out some of the new features you can’t miss, click here. To learn more about the software, visit Adobe’s site here.

If you’d like to sit down with our team and chat about how we can help create an engaging and intuitive website to enhance your brand, reach out to us here.

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