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ADEX Award 2016

April 8, 2016

Congratulations! ADEX has awarded Create-A-Maze with the platinum 2016 award for design excellence. We entered the product in, on behalf of our client, Learning Resources and we’re thrilled that we got a chance to work on such a great project. Learning Resources® is a leading global manufacturing company that creates innovative and hands-on educational products that are loved by children and reliable for teachers and parents. Wanting to create a safe, easy-to-use game that targeted critical thinking and problem solving, Learning Resources® came to Beyond Design to help develop and brainstorm new game ideas that incorporated creativity and design to their vision. This game represented our client’s mission to provide a high-quality game that kids want to play and enjoy.

create a maze_1020x510

The Create-A-Maze game is an open-ended, critical thinking maze game that instantly attracts children, creating endless combinations of designs to provide multiple levels of play. The very distinct appearance with multiple colored maze pieces were fun to create, however having a large play surface base was challenging and difficult for manufacturing purposes. In the end, our team designed a board that split the two halves, making it easy to assemble, with a simple snap together design and helped reduce the shipping size of the product.

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