Acer Enters the Growing Petwear Industry

September 2, 2016

Acer – we know them for their PC’s. But in recent years, they have chosen to step into new markets like the growing petwear industry – which has taken over by storm. Just recently, they announced their acquisition of PawBo, which is a wireless interactive pet camera.


PawBo lets pet owners monitor and play with their pets when they are away from their homes. With a 720p HD recording and a wider 130-degree wide-angle lens, this will allow users to get the ultimate satisfaction with their pets. It connects with smartphones and tablets for pet owners to play and see their furry best friends, but now eight people can connect with the device simultaneously to interact with them.

The two-way talk, multiple device controls is supported by PawBo has a laser pointer, dispenses treats and lets you upload photos and videos through your social media platforms.


Acer’s new PawBo devices will be available for pre-order for $169 from Sept. 1, with deliveries expected in November.

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