A Visit from the UIUC Industrial Design Program

November 13, 2013

As a product design firm, we are always working to instill best practices to young and upcoming industrial designers. Last Friday, students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Industrial Design program visited our firm for a studio tour and a short presentation on who we are.

Lana Rottler, a student at UIUC who helped to organize the trip, said, “our trip to Beyond was really beneficial for the range of students that attended. It was great to see the space and what kind of work the designers are putting together. Overall seeing the array of sketches and amount of ideas being generated really made the students consider what they incorporate into their design process.”

Our team shared real-world experiences with the students so that they are more aware of the development process and what to expect upon graduation. “The firm crawl allowed me to see how industrial designers work in the real world, while learning about the company’s culture and design processes. Ultimately, I learned how a small business could make a big impact and how important it is to incorporate design into the creation of new products,” said Andrew Haglun, a senior at UIUC.

Michael Prince, the President of Beyond, gave a short presentation on our work and process. “I learned from the presentation that design is about seeing problems in the world and actively doing something about fixing them. It is a team effort to design for a problem taken for granted,” said Ben Moy, a junior at UIUC.

The presentation was followed by a tour of our studio where the students had the opportunity to talk to our designers and engineers. Ryan Brown, a sophomore at UIUC, says, “The work environment seemed very conducive to design in, and the designs produced made objects I usually take for granted more interesting.”

We always enjoy having students visit our studio and had a great time meeting everyone. If you are interested in scheduling a studio tour for your class, please email Jessie at

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