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A Transformable Car Rig by The Mill Blackbird

July 29, 2016

Until now, there was no way to shoot cars for a movie or commercial without using the actual car. With The Mill Blackbird transformable car rig – your wish has been granted. With two years of product development underneath its belt, the result gives directors the ability to shoot a car scene without the car.


Adjustable length can be applied by four feet and width by ten feet – and you can even swap out the wheels to fit the design of the car of your choice. Additionally, an electric motor can be programmed to match the driving style of any vehicle.


The Mill Blackbird also packs a camera and a 3-D laser scanner to generate a virtual model of the car’s surroundings for more realistic renderings to view.


Take a look at the video to preview. If you want to learn more about The Mill Blackbird, please click

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