A Source for Inspiration

August 19, 2011

I first learned about the Simkom sketch site when I was interning at a small design studio in Austria about three years ago. It was a small site at the time and it seemed to have mainly a word-of-mouth following. Everyone at the studio was enthralled with the sketches and it served as some great form inspiration for a couple of projects. Fast forward to current day and it is one of the best online databases for concept transportation sketches. It is an almost endless supply of inspiration provided by some of the best transportation designers around the world.

I always show the site to interns coming through at Beyond and personally find myself referencing the site almost weekly. It is extremely important to keep yourself fresh and engaged as a designer and to surround yourself with work (products, art, architecture, etc.) to ensure that you are constantly thinking and growing.

If interested, you can purchase a hard copy of Simkom’s quarterly magazine for around 12 euro (well worth it). Besides the amazing work shown, the graphics and layout are really dirty and just plain cool. You can check out the site here.

Written By: Patrick Nally, Industrial Designer

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