A Simple Juicer

May 31, 2016

The Juicero is a cold-press juicing machine that made of aluminum (which is strong enough to provide a lot of pressure) that is square in shape with a rounded white base. Looking at it, you would never be able to tell that this was a juicer at first glance. However, Yves Béhar wanted to create a simple device for juicing lovers – which could be incorporated into everyday routines.


Now, for those that love smoothies or juicing, it can be a process – and a messy one at that. With this juicer, Juicero takes away the mess and accepts prepared packets of fruit and vegetables. The best part is that the machine reads a QR code and determines whether or not the packet is fresh enough to use via Wi-Fi. Two minutes later, you have a full 8oz glass of pure heaven. The kicker: the Juicero is $700. Plus, the packets are $5-$7 and you have to purchase five per order.


While juicers have been a popular item on the market for consumers, current models are heavy, unattractive and require lots of cleaning. While designing this particular juicer, it was a unanimous decision to design a front-loading device that mimics another kitchen appliances on counter-tops.


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