A Reusable Electronic Bag Tag with RFID Technology

November 8, 2013

Vanguard ID Tag with RFID Technology (photo from

Have you ever had your luggage lost while flying and the airline has no idea where it has gone? That could soon be a thing of the past. Vanguard ID Systems is working on creating a radio frequency identification bag tag to replace those paper tags.

The new tag is embedded with RFID technology and would use an app to allow the traveler to code the tag with their destination. If it were lost a text message would be sent to the owner allowing them to select a hotel or home to have the bag returned to.

“The ViewTag works in conjunction with SMS text messaging,” the company says. “Throughout all airports, there is an RFID reader located on the loading belt for the aircraft. This RFID reader scans the ViewTag as it passes on-board the plane and sends a confirmation message to the subscriber.”

Not only would the new bag tag help prevent the 1% of bags lost every year, but it would also cut down and the amount of paper wasted creating the current tags. End-to-end the amount of paper used to create the temporary tags could wrap around the earth 30 times.

In October, British Airways began a trial run of the new bag tags and will hopefully be rolling out the new system in 2014. You can read more on the Vanguard bag tag here.

Written by: Marissa Caniano, Administrative Assistant, Beyond Design

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