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A Reinvented Cast Iron Skillet [Kickstarter]

November 21, 2013

Since the cast-iron skillet was first invented, the design really hasn’t changed much. Mike Whitehead, a designer out of Portland, set out to make some changes to the traditional skillet and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the new design.

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The Finex is a 12” cast iron skillet that sports an octagonal shape, a quick-cooling wire-spring handle, and a CNC-machined interior. The CNC-machined interior means that the inside will be very smooth – making it naturally less-stick and easier to clean.

I especially like this design because it is adding value to an already useful and traditional product, addressing some of the trade-offs in its simplicity.  While the ideas aren’t strictly new, and I may always have been a premium product, combining the ideas is really insightful.

finex-combination-skilletsYou can view the Finex Kickstarter campaign video below and check out more on the design here.

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