A Painting Experience on Your iPad

May 2, 2012

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A paintbrush that works on your iPad? Seems pretty unbelievable. Artist Hardware, an art design company based out of Skokie, IL, is responsible for some of the most popular paint brushes on the market. The company recently developed a paintbrush for your iPad, calling it the Sensu. They wanted an authentic brush to use with their favorite drawing and painting apps on the iPhone and iPad. The project was funded through Kickstarter and will hit the market this month.

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The Sensu has been designed as both a stylus and an artist brush for your iPad (and other capacitive screen devices such as the iPhone). The design incorporates the brush handle as a protective cap when in stylus mode, making it safe for travel. It looks like a great tool for both children and adults—something innovative, fun, and allowing for imagination. And, perhaps the best part, no messy cleanup!

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You can read more detailed information about the Sensu on Sensu’s website, as well as view the product in action in the video below.

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