A New Smart Lock from Fuseproject

June 3, 2013

Over the past couple of years, home automation has become huge. More and more things that we use in our daily life are being operated with a smartphone – from alarm clocks and weather reports to news updates and home thermostats. Recently, fuseproject announced their August Smart Lock, a keyless door lock you can control with your smartphone.

August Smart Lock (photo from

We really like the simplicity of the design, but can’t help but wonder about the security aspect. However, it could be a great addition to conference rooms or other private office/home areas that you only want certain people having access to as it allows you to grant access to anyone you want, for any amount of time.

“Guests can be added quickly via a contacts list, and given keys for specific dates and times. Those keys communicate back to the owner the arrival and departure times for guests, adding a new layer in home security.”

You can read more about the app here, and check out a short video on the product below.

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